I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much.

1) Dorian, however, is at best charming but at times enjoys hurting the artist. The adoration that Basil feels for Dorian is a disturbing mixture of terror and sorrow.
2) He was aware of gaining something from the relationship but also of losing something.
Basil asked Lord Henry not to spoil or influence him because Lord Henry’s influence would be bad.
3) He also asked him not to take Dorian away from him. At the beginning Dorian was attracted by Lord Henry but also afraid. From the first meeting with Lord Henry Dorian learnt something about himself that he had not previously understood
4) Only music had had this effect on him. Lord Henry refers to beauty as a form of Genius, which won’t last forever.
5) When his youth goes, his beauty will go with it. *He advises him to give in to passions and temptations.
Dorian found Basil’s portrait of him a source of sadness.
6) He wished he could stay young and the picture grew old (OR would grow??). He would give his soul for that.Basil wanted to destroy the picture because it had had a bad effect on Dorian. At the end of Chapter 2 he realised he had lost Dorian.

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  1. Follow the directions in the other post.

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