Angelo is paid double time for each hour he works over 40 hours in a week. Last week he worked 42 hours and earned $660. What is his normal hourly rate?

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  1. So essentially he worked 44 hrs. hourly rate= 660/44

    pay= 40*h+ (42-40)*2h is another way.


  2. Putting it into an equation of what's known and what isn't.

    We know his normal hours but not the pay. Let x be the missing number.
    x=hourly pay
    we know he worked two extra hours at two times the rate.
    2 times 2x
    we know his wages with 2 times 2x
    so put this together
    40x + 4x=44x
    divide 660 by 44 to solve for x
    and you get 15.

    Does that make sense?

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