I am suppose to write an opinion piece about how internet has an impact on the development and socialization of children. How can i start it off?

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asked by Hamar
  1. Socialization? Try de-socialization.

    My grandsons would spend all their waking moments on the Internet or Xbox playing those ridiculous games. That is definitely NOT socialization.

    Unless it's used in a classroom or other group setting or unless it's used interactively with parents and siblings and friends, it most often is used as a solo activity. (Marginally, or maybe negatively, of course, there are also those games that are played and sites that are visited and IMs that are exchanged with people online.)

    Can you tell I'm not a fan of longtime, intense use of the Internet by children??

  2. yes i know what you are talking about, and that is exactly what i want to write in my piece. its just that im having a hard time starting it. i want to emphasize that the internet isnt safe for children, it has its ups and downs.

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    posted by Hamar
  3. Have you written a thesis statement and an outline (or plan)? Those need to be done before you can write the body of the paper. And there's no point trying to write the introduction until you've done all of the above!

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