Energy Conservation Mitigation Plan

Humans are not making energy conservation a priority. Spending a day without energy will be a hard task to do. Society use energy to light up their homes, the use of machines at work, cooking, and listening to music. Cell phones and driving privileges and numbers of different technologies made, all use energy. People can pay less on their bills just by turning the lights off, or just by walking to their destination if it is close by. 40,000 pounds of CO2 emissions per year is produced by the average American. Nearly a million dollars worth of energy every minute, every night, and every day of the year is used. (Powerscorecard, 2000). People can save money by saving energy but can also reduce the demands for gas, oil, and fossil fuels, which mean less burning of fossil and lower carbon dioxide. Changing our daily habits and using energy efficient appliances are the only two ways to end the problem. The topic discussed is the background on energy conservation, and also the factors and contributions that affect living and nonliving organisms on earth. The positive and negative issues that come about with the consumption of energy, which affects people, will also be discussed. An evaluation of our current sustainability strategies and solutions for conserving energy is included. This paper will also include a sustainability plan, the benefits and challenges of the plan as well as the government, societal, and global support.
The understanding of how important it is to conserve energy is a void for people because of the lack of knowledge people have on the topic. If all the nonrenewable sources are consumed this will have a powerful effect on the environment and that is why it is important to conserve energy. The environment will have this effect because a full supply of nonrenewable sources can not be made in a short period. Demands for nonrenewable resources are at an all-time high. Solar energy, wind energy, and geothermal energy are examples of renewable energy sources, and the good part about these sources is that they do not pollute the environment.
Contributions to energy conservation from nonliving sources are precipitation, land, and sunlight. The sunlight and temperature can be a substitute for lights and energy instead of the nonrenewable resources that we are using all of. Generated from the earth, geothermal energy is natural heat used for electricity and space heaters. The chance for survival with living resources is affected because of how nonliving resources are sustained. The requirement for many living resources to live is land and water.
Plants, herbivores, omnivores, and herbivores are the contribution to the problem by living things. those that eat the plants are eaten by them and sometimes eat one another. Most of these animals can not eat plants. (The Flow of Energy through Plants and Animals, 2010). They would starve to death if it were not for the Herbivores digesting the plants first. Herbivores are animals that eat plants and when energy consumption affects plants this takes away the chance of survival for herbivores. Carnivores eat other animals and if other animals are infected this lessens the carnivore’s chance for survival. Omnivores eat plants and animals and if plants and other animals die, omnivore’s chance for survival is slim (The Flow of Energy through Plants and Animals, 2010). They eat the guys that eat the plants and sometimes they eat each other. Most of these animals can not eat plants. They would starve to death if it were not for the Herbivores digesting the plants first (The Flow of Energy through Plants and Animals, 2010). Therefore, the need for energy conservation is critical for the survival for earth, plants, animals, and people.
A positive effect by the people can happen with energy conservation by using renewable resources and learning ways to conserve energy. People conserve energy by turning off the lights when not in use to use less electricity. People conserve energy by using energy efficient light bulbs and appliances. People can also conserve energy by carpooling or taking public transportation, walking, and bike riding or purchase a gas saving hybrid car. When energy and resource conservation is applied widely there is a great reduction in local air pollution, emissions of greenhouse gases and acidification of soil and water. Energy conservation ideas and development strategies have come up, and the technological developments have not made a huge difference in the environment. The government can offer more grants to people and businesses to purchase energy efficient appliances and build more plants to become more involved in energy conservation. Solar panels are expensive so to help conserve, the government can offer assistance to low income and elderly people or grants to people who can not afford the solar panels. The sun is what powers the solar panels and are made as a way to save energy, but is not affordable. If solar power was affordable, the nonrenewable resources would not have to be used. Some government officials do not deeply want to be involved in a solution and plan. The governments across the world receive most endorsements from energy providers and the economy stimulates that are connected and people must understand this.
An open mind must be kept by the people to how much money the industry has generated; the closing of energy company’s operations could not be approved around the world by the government. There can be change if people are pressured around the world. To help save nonrenewable resources, renewable resources such as wind, the sun, heat, and water need to be developed to merge. Renewable energy sources are constantly renewed and should be used more to conserve non-renewable energy resources.
My sustainable Energy Plan seeks to provide education to the people. The energy plan includes progress toward a sustainable energy future and the actions. Not only will these actions reduce the county’s global climate change affect, it will also help with cost and cost savings through energy efficiency increase. Most of the actions will pay themselves off in a few years or less. Cost and saving cost have been quantified for them. Revenue-generating efforts, education, and planning are some strategies focused on. Out of the actions identified, some actions are recommended for “first tier” adoption based on: how they can reduce emissions, how much we can save, and to make sure there is equal contribution around the main part of society. The main strategies are to volunteer and support all actions as well as state and local programs. Looking into how these strategies affect us, developed countries that are developed need to reduce their emissions by a certain percentage by the year of 2013. The strategies for this energy plan will can help bring counties halfway toward making our goal. In other words I believe the strategies will help reduce emissions quite a bit. The sustainability energy plan strategies will help our county to reduce emissions below the levels. The sustainability energy plan will end up with a reduction of emissions below levels in the later years. If the plan is followed, the reduction is almost twice that the Governor called for.

Carbon Dioxide, sulfuric acids, and ground-level ozone are air pollutants that combine and contribute to global warming. Illnesses such as throat and respiratory defects, cancer and long term disabilities are caused by air pollutants. In order to prolong life to the human race, we must conduct some simple everyday task to reduce the effects. Coal in power plants and eventually, gasoline, and diesel in vehicles will be replaced by natural gases, thanks to new technology. It burns much cleaner than oil. "Natural gas produces lower particulate matter--that's black smoke; it produces fewer hydrocarbons, which cause smog; and it produces a significantly lower amount of greenhouses gases (about 20-30 per cent less than diesel)” (Henheffer, 2010).
Unplugging, investing, watching your kilowatts, and using timers are simple tasks that will assist our community with energy conservation. A simple way for people to lower energy cost is by unplugging any electronic item that is not being used. Investing in energy saving tools and products would be wise of people. Indoor plug-in kilowatt meters to aid in the tracking of energy consumption are provided by some companies. Timers control the times an electrical items comes on and turns off and are inexpensive tools, and saves people money for the home. Finally, in this energy conservation plan I would include benefits and challenges of this plan.

Implementing a plan of sustainment for environmental conservation is not an easy task to handle. The health issues among our children and future generation is something all people need to realize. Fossil fuels will become hard to obtain and new energy sources will develop, energy will be a critical issue in the next century. Some believe that fossil fuel supplies will last through the century, allowing sufficient time to develop new energy sources; but others contend that a catastrophic world energy crisis is on the horizon and will trigger the end of modern civilization (Leone, 2005). “The foreseeable future in energy markets will remain dominated by fossil fuels. Oil currently accounts for 35 % of global primary energy consumption, coal for 29%, and gas for 24 %( Ruhl, 2010).” Most researchers do not predict the global energy mix to be largely different in the next two decades. With the share of renewable energy expected to reach not much more than five percent, there is more uncertainty about the shares of coal and gas. Comprehending the truth and the authenticity of the informational sources of energy conservation should educate the human race” (Ruhl, 2010). Energy Conservation is very important if society wants to continue to live in good health and wealth.

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