The door and the seals on an aircraft are subject to a tremendous amount of force during flight. At an altitude of 10,000 m (about 33,000 ft), the air pressure outside the airplane is only 2.7 x 104 N/m2, while the inside is still at normal atmospheric pressure, due to pressurization of the cabin. Calculate the net force due to the air pressure on a door of area 3.6 m2

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  1. force = change of pressure/area

    = 25000 N

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  2. The change in pressure across the door is (1.0*10^5 - 2.7*10^4) = 7.3*10^4 N/m^2

    Multiply (not divide) that by 3.6 m^2, the door area.

    I get a somewhat different answer.

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