Below are the home states of 17 college professors.

Ohio Georgia New Jersey Georgia Nebraska
Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina New Jersey
New Jersey South Carolina Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania
Ohio Wisconsin

i. Make a frequency table using these 8 states:
New Jersey
South Carolina

ii. What is (are) the mode(s)?
iii. Does it make sense to talk about the average for this data? Why or why not?
iv. Using your frequency table draw a pie chart to display the distribution of home states by filling in the following table:
Home State Frequency % of total Measure of Central Angle (in degrees)




New Jersey



South Carolina



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asked by Jen
  1. You only have a nominal scale, allowing you to only use the mode as measure of central tendency.

    Cannot do pie chart on bulletin board.

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    posted by PsyDAG
  2. how can i draw the frequency table and pie chart if i cannot use microsoft word program???

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    posted by Jen

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