Early Childhood Psychology

Can someone please let me know if I chosen the right answers for my six questions below? If I did not choose the right answers could you please let me know which answer is the correct one? Thanks

1) In Piaget's theory, a symbol is closest to a(n) = Physical object. (B)

A) mental representation.

B) physical object > This My Choice<

C) inanimate object.

D) written word.

2. Regarding Erikson's concept of the "initiative versus guilt" developmental crisis, which of the following statements is FALSE? =C

A) It is based largely on conflicting feelings about the self.

B) It involves preschoolers' reconciling their need to act with their need for approval.

C Because this crisis is based on a behavioral theory, the conscience is irrelevant to it. => This My Choice< <

D Successful outcome leads to the characteristic of "purpose."

3) Louise is 3 1/2 years old. Until recently Louise has had a good appetite and consumed appropriate amounts of food, but now it has become a daily battle to get her to eat properly. Louise has most likely reached the early childhood stage when appetite (C)

A) usually increases.

B) increases dramatically.

C) usually decreases.= <This My Choice>

D) remains constant.

4). According to Piaget, which of the following characteristics is NOT part of preoperational thought? = reversibility (B)

A) egocentrism

B) reversibility <This My Choice> <Not sure I think it is this one>

C) centration

D) transductive reasoning

5). Playing alone (non-social) can be a sign of preference (B)

A) genius

B) preference <This My Choice> <Not sure I think it is this one>

C) poor socialization

D) answers b and c, but not a

6). Stan seems to have a little cold off and on all winter. Her preschool teacher should probably NOT (B)

A) find out if his parents smoke

B) assume he is abused = <Not sure I think it is this one> MY Choice

C) realize this is not unusual at this age

D) assume that his respiratory and immune systems are slowly improving

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asked by Sharon
  1. I agree with all of your answers except # 5. I vote for D.

  2. Thank you very much!

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    posted by Sharon
  3. You're very welcome.

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