Beautiful harmony comes from things that are in opposition to one another [Heraclitus

ok i need to write my personal philosophy and i cant think of any examples of this quote for my body pargraphs...except velcrow..i don't think that a good one thought lol...

maybe if you can think of a good example.....anything that would be not so difficult to write about?? i don't know i have writers block

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asked by chels
  1. Velcro is a good metaphor for this quote. :-)

    In relationships, we often note that opposites attract. An outgoing woman who likes being with people may marry an introvert who prefers his own company. Each person benefits from the opposite traits of the other. The woman may learn to be more introspective, while the man may gain more self-confidence and occasionally enjoy the company of others.

    A diplomatic peacemaker may tone down the argumentativeness of a friend. In return, the peacemaker may learn to be more assertive about his/her wants.

    Many other opposite combinations also can prduce beautiful harmony: art and math, organized and disorganized, academic and practical. Ideally, we have opposite traits within us that balance each other and help us live more interesting and complete lives.


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