Reiny can you show me how to check this problem.




=5a^6(a-5)(a+1) (answer)

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  1. The GCF is always = to 0r less than the smallest coefficient:

    GCF =< 5.

    When a variable is involved, choose the
    common variable of lowest degree(smallest exponent). All of this has been properly done.

    Answer check:

    Perform the multiplication; the product
    should be identical to the expression
    that was given.

    5a^6(a-5)(a+1) =
    (5a^7-25a^6)(a+1) =
    5a^8 + 5a^7 - 25a^7 -25a^6 =
    Combine like-terms:
    5a^8 - 20a^7 - 25a^6.

    Your answer is correct!

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    posted by Henry

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