Two angles are complementary. One of the angles is twice the other.
The larger angle has a measure of

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asked by robbie
  1. Solve for x. Then multiply it by 2.

    x + 2x = 90

  2. x + 2x = 90

    so you would divide 2x on both sides, it would then look like this:

    x + 2x = 90
    -- --
    2x 2x

    x = 45

    so you would then assume that both angles measurements are 45 degrees each, which would equal to 90 degrees, because a complementary angle measures 90 degrees. hope this helps!

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    posted by Jen
  3. Jen -- you did not read the problem carefully!

    One of the angles is twice the other.

  4. Also x + 2x does not equal 2x.

  5. x+2x=90°

    3x=90° Divide both sides with 3


    The larger angle has a measure of:


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