lily left house at 11.43 am and travelled to town, a distance of 31km. She arrived there at 12.09pm. What was the average speed in km/h and m/s.[ans:71.54 km/h & 19.87 m/s]

my answer is
~31/1.1=28.18 km/h
~31000/3960=7.83 m/s

can some1 show me the calculation if im wrong.

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asked by susan
  1. 60-43+9 = 26 min
    26/60 = .433333 hr
    26*60 = 1560 seconds

    31 km/.433333 hr = 71.54 km/hr

    31000m/1560 s = 19.87 m/s

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    posted by Damon

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