can you check to see if i identified the verbs correctly and used the correct tense.
1. For as long as I can remember, education has been a constant factor in my life. ( present progressive)
2. I received my first academic award in elementary school and it changed my whole life. ( past)
3. In middle school, I was known as the smartest girl in school, and that motivated me to try harder. (pas perfect)
4. During high school, I begin to realize that excelling in school could create a lot of opportunities. (past)
5. Now that I am in college, I hope that getting a degree will take me wherever I want to go in life. (future)

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asked by Ashley
  1. 1. Present Perfect = the auxiliary or helping verb is from the verb to have (have, has) + the past participle

    3. Past Perfect would use "had" + the past participle = this is not it


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