My Daughter Stacy needs help in math plz help!

You have to find the x and y coordinates:(She doesn't get it and neither do I)

2x + y = 9

The question doesn't go with the equation. I suspect it is a plotting exercise
Make a table
x y

Put in for x 0, 1, 4
Solve for each corresponding y.
Then graph the points, and connect them with a straight line.

As is stands now, the problem as stated is confusing.

Sorry,does this go with it:
Be sure to put each equation in slope intercept form. Identify the slope and the y-intercept of the line. Graph the y-intercept and then count the slope to determine another point on the line.


Put the equation in this form:
y= mx + b m will be the slope, b is the y intercept (y intercept is when x is zero).

2x + y= 9
y= -2x + 9 slope is -2, y intercept is 9
On the graph paper mark (0,9) That is the intercept.

Then go over 1 right, down 2. That is the next point, plot it.

why don't you help her out! didn't u you go to school or something?!?-- huh???

you lazy mom!!

asked by Stacy's Mom :Literally from the Song!
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