Eath Science

Please help me on these questioons (Science homework)?
1. When people decide to use resources in the environment carefully it is _______
a) erosion
b) restoration
c) conservation
d) ecology
e) geology

2.Preservation of resources means________
a) using resources with a minimum of waste
b) using resources with little thought to the future
c) using resources with a maxium of waste
d) maintaining and restoring the environment
e)only maintaining the environment

3. The recent energy shortage indicates_________.
a) the inablity of the federal government to find new sources of supply
b) the need for renewed coloonial expansion
c) the need to preserve all unexplored mineral sites from exploration
d) the need for conservation

4. The animal community of this biome includes gophers, jack rabbits, parairie dogs, and antelopes. The summer growing season does not produce forests. This biome is the_________
a) desert
b) grasslands
c) tundra
d) taiga
e) deciduous forest

5. The continental shelf is about ______________
A) 50 meters wide
b) 5 kilometers deep
c) 200 meters deep
d) 200 kilometers wide
e) none of the above

6. The area on land that is covered at high tide, but not at low is the_________
a) intertidal zone
b) littoral zone
c) benthic zone
d) continental shelf
e) pelagic zone

7. which of the following states still has large areas of wilderness where you could go to experience a natural environment?
a) california
b) New York
c) Pennsylvania
D) Rhode island

8. the benthic zone is the home for___________.

B) Scavengers
c) brightly colored fish
d) producers
e) plankton

9. Most organisms on our planet live ______________________
a)in water
b) in the tundra biome
c) in the deciduous forest biome
d) on or under land
e) south of the equator

All of the following are examples of man polluting his environment, EXCEPT________
a) large forest fires caused by lightning
b) dumping sewage sludge out in the ocean
c) burying chemical wastes in the ground
d) oil tankers spilling oil
e) driving automobiles

Ecological succession occurs because_______________.
a) conditions become unfavorable for one community and favorable for another
b) one climax community follows another
c) the climate changes
d) the animal community changes
e) man has changed farmland into citites

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asked by Tommy
  1. We'll be glad to check your answers.

  2. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

    Ms . Sue, Please check my work on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 9:34am. Thank you.

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    posted by Priya
  3. Writeacher already checked your work.

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