Math-please help!!

Make a word document with the key points (in tables/charts) for the following functions, given in the form y=asink(x+d)+c
Start with multiplication/division (multiply ‘y’ by a, divide ‘x’ by k)
Then add c to the y values, subtract d from the x values

4.y=sinx +7

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asked by Kate
  1. and what do you want us to help you with?

  2. What is the number that I am thinking of if I multiply it by 9 then divide it by 6 then multiply it by 8 then divide it by 4 and the answeer is 12.78 what's the answer

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    posted by april
  3. I didn't get the answer I wanted so make Dr. Abbas put the answer on board.

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    posted by Daphne

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