An ancienct manuscript is on display in a museum case. To what pages is the manusript open of the product of the page numbers is 9, 312?

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asked by James
  1. n(n-1) = 9312
    n^2 - n - 9312 = 0

    n= (1/2)(1 +/- sqrt(1+37248))
    n = 1/2 +/- 193/2
    n = 194/2 or a negative number
    n = 97
    n-1 = 96
    96*97 =

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    posted by Damon
  2. By the way, you could get there faster by guessing
    sqrt (10,000) is 100
    so it is a little under 100
    try 95 and 96 --> 9120 too small
    try 96 and 97 ---> 9312 score!

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    posted by Damon

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