Child Psychology

I need someone to check my answers, to make sure that I have answered them correctly.
My answers are marked with xxxx next to my choice out of the four choices.

1. Edwin is doing his doctoral work in the area of gifted education. One of the major contributors to this field, Stanford University researcher _____________, designed a longitudinal study that traced the development of unusually intelligent children.

G. Stanley Hall

John Dewey

Jean Piaget

Lewis M. Terman xxxx My Choice

2. In fertilization, the male and the female gametes combine to create a single cell called a(n) ____________, which then duplicates itself again and again to become a baby.

zygote xxxx My Choice




3. _________________, taking a psychoanalytic perspective on child development, was concerned with unconscious forces that motivate human behavior.

Sigmund Freud xxxx My Choice

Anna Freud

Erik H. Erikson

John B. Watson

4. An 8-month-old fetus is ___18-20_________ inches long and weighs ____5-7________ pounds.

14; 2–4

15; 3–6

18–20; 5–7 xxxx My Choice

21–23; 8–9

5. The science that specializes in the birth of babies is called



obstetrics xxxx My Choice


6. J. P. and his wife Alex believe that the "medicalization" of childbirth has had both social and emotional costs for both the mother and the baby. Which of the following is NOT a birthing style that has grown to address these concerns?

home births attended by midwives

freestanding home birthing centers

hospital "birthing rooms" that provide soft lights, family involvement, and rooming-in

in-vitro fertilization in a doctor's office xxxx My Choice

7. Which of the following statements is NOT one of the three basic issues that theorists address in explaining child development?

Assessing the relative weight of heredity and environment

Determining whether children are active or passive in their own development

Observing whether development is continuous or occurs in stages

Viewing all development as culturally determined xxxx My Choice

8. Sperm are produced by the ______________ at a rate of several hundred million a day and are ejaculated in the semen during sexual climax.



testes xxxx My Choice


9. When she was one year old, Suzi had a vocabulary of 10 words. Now, at two years of age, she has a vocabulary of over 100 words. This reflects a(n) __________ developmental change.




quantitative xxxx My Choice

10. A theory is a set of

logically related statements seeking to describe, explain, and predict human behavior. xxxx My Choice

facts derived from research.

predictions about future outcomes.

opinions of a well-known authority in a field.

11. The cognitive approach focuses on

how children learn language and related skills

how children learn the social skills of their culture

how children form opinions

how children receive, organize, and use information xxxx My Choice

12. According to Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development, a preschooler demonstrates initiative vs. guilt when

he treats his toy as if it were alive

she runs ahead of her mother, then looks back to see if that’s OK xxxxMy Choice

she steps on an ant hill and laughs delightedly

he cries from a nightmare

13. Which term describes the principle of prenatal development in which the sequence of growth is from the head to the feet?

proximodistal xxxx My Choice



top to bottom

14. Jenna and Mike very much want to have a child and have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for more than 6 months. They have been referred to a reproductive endocrinologist, who recommends trying a fertility drug, although the drug is known to increase the likelihood of having triplets and higher-order multiple births. The increased risks associated with multiple births include which of the following?

premature delivery

low-birth-weight infants

higher infant death rates

all of these xxxx My Choice

15. The portion of the embryonic disk that eventually becomes the digestive system and the respiratory system is the


endoderm. xxxx My Choice



16. At-risk infants (e.g. low birth weight)

may have developmental problems even if interventions are used xxxxMy Choice

will catch up with their peers even if there are no interventions

can catch up with and surpass their peers if given deliberate interventions

cannot become productive citizens

17. Adolescence as a separate stage of development was

considered by scientists in the fifteenth century.

not considered until the twentieth century. xxxx My Choice

first considered by Freud.

discussed in Hall's book SENESCENCE.

18. One thing that is evident at the end of the first month of gestation is that

blood is flowing through very small veins and arteries in the embryo.(xxxx)

facial parts of the embryo are clearly developed.

kicking can be felt by the mother.

the embryo looks like a small-scale baby.

19. Julie and Adam McGraw learned in their prenatal classes that the first stage of the birth process is the longest, and for Julie, who is having her first child, it will generally last about ____________ hours.




12 xxxx My Choice

20. At birth, the mother and child begin a process of


establishing routines

sharing preferences

bonding xxxx My Choice

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  1. Your teacher is too easy. All correct.

  2. You are the best, thank you.

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  3. qualitative

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