What is the product when ethanol is oxidized?

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asked by g
  1. Ethanol is a primer alkohol, so the product is first an aldehyde and with further oxidation a carboxic acid.

    CH3-CH2-OH --> CH3-CHO ---> CH3-COOH
    ethanol acetaldehyde acetic acid

    For a secunder alkohol, the product will be a ketone, and at the end carboxic acid too in the same way
    R1R2CH-OH --> R1-CO-R2 ---> R1-COOH + R2-COOH

    For tertiary alkohols you will obtain a mix of carboxic acides
    R1R2R3C-OH ---> R1-COOH + R2-COOH + R3-COOH

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    posted by Ryan

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