calling ms. Sue ( another assignment )

T_T ok so here's another assignment that should be pass tomorrow. please critique and i need help on how can i close this paragraph.

"This English 101AYR course is coming to an end. What are your opinions about the hybrid (50% in-class - 50% online) course? What do you think can be improved about the course? (explain)"

Hybrid English course is good but it has also bad sides. If a student is looking for flexible time and busy of work then hybrid class is your choice. All of the assignments can be found and submit online so its less hassle. I enjoyed this class and my writing has improved. I learned now how to make a detailed introduction, and where to put punctuation in the sentence. I still make careless mistakes with grammar but that cannot be learn in just a short amount time. The only problem about hybrid courses is the lack of communication between professor and the students.

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  1. Please ask someone else to read this paragraph slowly out loud to you. You should find several errors.

  2. T_T . .

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