environmental science

I have a project due in a three weeks and I am trying to get a head start on this.Here is the project and My Ideas I am needing where I can get some facts and figures to prove my point but i got lost on a few Ideas if anyone can help with a few ideas or sites I would appreciate it THANK YOU
importance of biodiversity.
The powerpoint presentation with notes.
I have to choose a Region?

Which I Live in the Mid_Atlantic Region of the United States So I decided I should learn more about it.
I Have to show the causes of wildlife extinction as well as demonstrate ways wildlife extinction impacts our world.

In Which Human Through Deforestation is how I feel is the biggest problem if I am wrong please tell me.

outlining the causes, be sure to show the relationship between the deforestation and wildlife extinction in Mid- Atlantic Region and the world. I need to show estimations of the current and potential impact of deforestation on world.

Show the aquatic life zones. Lost for Ideas on this one?
implemented to preserve the present level of aquatic biodiversity.

These sites should give you a good start.

(Broken Link Removed)



(Broken Link Removed)

how to preserve the present level of aquatic biodiversity

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  1. the climate in the tropical zone is characterized by

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