Mental health speech

The mind is it's own place and in it it can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven. I have to write a 5 min long speech on this. can anyone make sense of it? tips or pointers

I am not certain of the point you will be trying to make.
When dealing with something on the inside of someone else's mind, it is difficult to be on firm ground.
You may have to rely on the words of those who have suffered psychosis, anguish, or torment.

Stay away from the words hell and heaven. Those are religious symbols, it will confuse your point.

As substitutes for heaven and hell, you can use something like "wonderful" and "terrible." Essentially it relates to our evaluation of something that happens.

For teens, they can make positive opportunities seem terrible, because they worry so much about failing or "being embarrassed."

On the opposite end of the continuum, just a smile from an adored person can be interpreted as a reciprocation of love, even though it can only be meant to be friendly.

Similarly, a boy/girl friend's smile at another person can be taken as romantic interest in others rather than just being friendly. The can lead to terrible pangs of jealousy.

You could deal with threats and enhancements of one's feelings of self-esteem, which are a main basis of terrible and wonderful feelings. Think of your own experiences that relate to this.

These sites might provide some helpful information.

I hope these sites will give you some good ideas. Thanks for asking.

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