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we are asked to do an essay about this article. 5 paragraph essay. arguement essay. paragraph 4 is refuting paragraph.

1.The U.S. supreme court’s decision to allow a lawsuit blaming the makers of ‘’natural Born Killers” for a copycat crime has a cast a chill on Hollywood.

2.‘’Thus could have a strangling effect on creativity,’’ said writer Any Holden Jones, whose movies include ‘’ Indecent Proposal” and Mystic Pizza.’’ “Where it leads boggles the mind.”

3.The lawsuit accuses filmmaker Oliver Stone, producer at time Warner Entertainment, and others of intentionally inciting a teenage couple to shoot patsy Byers in 1995.

4. Sarah Edmondson and Benjamin Darras, both 18 at the time, were convicted in the shooting and each was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Edmondson told investigators that she and darras performed crimes similar to those in stone’s 1994 ultraviolet movie, which portrays a couple who kill 52 people in three weeks.

5. Stone, busy on the Miami set of coming movie, was unavailable for comment. But in Hollywood, support fir the director was universal.

6. “ A movie is not enough to change someone’s attitude and make them commit such a heinous crime. “ said Rick Jewell, a film historian. “Millions of people saw that movie and did not go out and do anything abnormal.

7. The lawsuit had initially been dismissed by it Louisiana judge because the first amendment bars claims over copycat crimes. But a state appeals court reinstated it because if an allegation that the filmmakers had set out to incite the audience.

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asked by noob
  1. That seems pretty clear. What is your question about this assignment?

  2. Here are some websites with good ideas and instructions re writing arguments:

  3. ok here's the question that will be the essay about.

    what is your main point being discussed in copcat crime? do you believe that a movie can incite behavior? why or why not? use specific examples to support your opinion,

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    posted by noob
  4. How will you answer those questions? Remember, this needs to be about YOUR ideas, not mine.

    You should read MANY of the linked articles in here:

    Then make up your mind and write your opinion into ONE SENTENCE.

  5. can you give me ideas please. english is not my main language and this topic is like "out of my league" . just tell me a good intro. what will be my first 2 sentences look like.

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    posted by noob
  6. No, sorry. We don't do students' work for them.

    Please read several/many of the articles linked in those search results. Don't take notes; just read. Read and read.

    (Lots of reading will improve your writing.)

    Once you get your ONE SENTENCE (thesis statement) written up, please post it.

  7. my teacher said base what you write only on the article (article that i posted) . i cant put other words in there. please this is hard

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    posted by noob

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