Hello. Will you please tell me if the following is possible in English:
1)He is in the Defense Ministry building.
2)The main aim of such actions is destabilization in the country.
3)These provocations mean to destabilize the situation.
4)They voted in favour of a new speaker.
5)We're campaigning for the recognition of it as a terrorist attack by the government.
5)They have lately blamed the government for the situation in the country.
6)It is expected that they can solve the problem.
7)These means aim to improve the situation.
8)In the statement of the committe it is said...
9)They are considering the text of a new agreement.
10)The war was finished in 1945.
11) He works on overcoming the crisis.
12)Obama entered office (meaning: became president)
13) Obama came into office (the same meaning)
14)The Central Electoral Commission chairman said...
15)He left for a visit to France.
Thank you very, very much for all your time and help.

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asked by Ilma
  1. 1) OK
    2) OK
    3) OK
    4) OK

    5) We're campaigning for the government's recognition of it as a terrorist attack.

    5) Lately, they have blamed the government for the situation in the country.

    6) OK

    7) These means are intended to improve the situation.

    8) The committee's statement includes...

    9) OK

    10) The war ended in 1945.

    11) OK
    12) OK
    13) OK
    14) OK
    15) OK

    You're welcome!

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