Can you please help me express these concepts in a simpler way? Thank you.

1)What do you call mistakes concerning the agreement of subject and verb?
(Just grammar mistakes?)
You have shifted from the past to the present when
2) In your paragraph you failed to give an example of indirect interior monologue. I wonder if you could do it now.
3) Can you report about (refer to) women's condition in the Victorian Age?
What was women's condition in the Victorian Age like? What task did they have within the Victorian family?
What role did the Victorians attached to women?
4) What did the Victorians believe material progress derived from?
5) Could you investigate the topic in depth giving details about the Victorian moral code?

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asked by Henry2
  1. Subject-verb agreement errors

    In 3, just begin with the command 'Describe ...'

    What tasks ... (plural form)

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