Hello. I'm very grateful for all your help, and I need some more.
1)Is the article necessary in the following context: "(the)Libyan armed forces launched a military campaign against the rebels"?
2)Is it possible to say: "the situation has greatly / significantly improved" or "the situation has improved a lot"?
3)Is the sentence possible: "A century ago religion hadn't such a role as now"?
4)Is the sentence correct: "some years ago religion did not play such an important role as it plays(?) now"?
5)Is it possible to use "imply" in the context: "when she says 'yes', she implies 'no'"?
6)Is it possible to use 'negotiate' in the context "they have negotiated and are now signing a new agreement" or is it better to use "conducted negotiations"?
7)Is the sentence correct "the situation has changed after adopting(?) anti-crisis measures" (maybe "after the adoption of")?
8)Do the sentences have the same meaning: "they have been fighting against the government" and "they have been fighting with the government"?
9) Is it possible to say "the state's situation" and "the state government"?
10) Is it possible to use "negotiate" in the context "they are negotiating the possibility of conluding new contracts" or is it "negotiating on/about"?
Thank you very, very much.

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asked by Ilma
  1. 1. You can use "The" or not, and it'll be correct -- but it's better with "The" in there.

    2. One of the first two phrasings is best; the third is OK, but is rather casual and slangy!

    3. Better phrasing: A century ago, religion didn't play such a major role as it does now.

    4. Correct

    5. Yes, you can say it, but it'd be better to add "by her tone of voice" to make it believable!

    6. Either can be used, but your second phrasing for the first part of that sentence is better.

    7. "after adopting" is fine.

    8. Yes, they mean the same.

    9. Yes to both.

    10. You don't need "on" or "about" but the sentence would be better without "concluding" -- the word "negotiating" implies that a conclusion is intended.

    You're very welcome. =)

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