physical science

A football player picks up.the football runs with it and throws it to a teammate, during which of these actions is work being done on the football?

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  1. Work, in the physical sense is not done when running (unless you consider friction). When the football is picked up, work is done. If the throw was upwards, works was done.

  2. you forgot to explain. This doesn't help me at all. Thanks for nothing!

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  3. P!nk. Don't be mean. Bob parsley was just trying to help. He's right. The reason being is because when the force is in the same path as direction work is done. Although, if friction is involved the energy converts to heat and energy is lost. Therefore, work is not being done when the football player is running. Work is being done when the football is picked up because force and direction are in the same path. Same reason when the ball is thrown upward to the teammate.

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  4. Pursley*

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