5 Pre-Calculus Questions

1. What is the value of x in the right triangle below? If needed, round your answer to two decimal places.
32 angle, 15 inches, find the x in base…

2. A 10-foot ladder is leaning up against the side of a building so that the top of the ladder reaches the top of the building. If the ladder meets the building at a 32 angle, then what is the height of the building? If needed, round your answer to two decimal places. 10 feet

3. What is the value of in the right triangle below? If needed, round your answer to two decimal places. 2 ft and the other is 5 ft

4. What is the length of the altitude in the isosceles right triangle below? If needed, round your answer to two decimal places. 41 angle, 41 angle, 10 mm

5. A plane is flying at an altitude of 6,304 feet above the ground. From a point that is 10,000 feet from the plane, what is the angle of elevation to the plane? If needed, round your answer to two decimal places.

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  1. i neeed this done in 20 minutes, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. This certainly looks like a test to me. Sorry.

  3. the answer is 10

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