As you advised me to do, I included four sentences I was most doubtful a)
1) The daffodils grow best under the shine of trees (correction: in the shade, under the trees)
2) Time is perceived subjectively / as subjective (both possible).
3) Drunk men (correction: drunken men, drunkards) were rejected.The poet remained amazed by the sight of thousands daffodils. Correction:
4) The poet was amazed by the sight of thousands daffodils.
Nature was seen in a pantheistic view.
(Correction: according to a pantheistic view/ Wordsworth saw nature according to a pantheistic view)

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  1. 1. Use either "in the shade of trees" or "under the trees"

    2. Use "subjectively" (the other is not used).

    3. Use "Drunkards"

    4. OK

    Nature was seen from a pantheistic viewpoint.

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