Cars A and B are racing each other along the same straight road in the following manner: Car A has a head start and is a distance Da beyond the starting line at t=0. The starting line is at x=0. Car A travels at a constant speed Va. Car B starts at the starting line but has a better engine than Car A, and thus Car B travels at a constant speed Vb, which is greater than Va.

A. How long after Car B started the race will Car B catch up with Car A?

B. How far from Car B's starting line will the cars be when Car B passes Car A?

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  1. When car B catches up, its' distance
    traveled will be greater than car A by
    an amount equal to Da; but their time
    on the road will be equal.

    A. da = Va*t = distance car A traveled.

    Da + da = Vb*t = distance traveled by car B,

    t = (Da + da) / Vb.

    B. Da + da = distance from car B start-
    ing line.

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