1. The _____ Act mandated that at least some federal employees be chosen on the basis of merit instead of political connections. Federal Employment Pendleton
Bureaucratic Fairness Civil Service

2. The cooperation between interest groups, federal agencies, and related congressional committees is often referred to as the _____. golden triangle federal triangle
working triangle iron triangle

3. The officials and employees who help the president manage his executive duties are collectively known as the _____. federal branch federal bureaucracy
federal umbrella executive umbrella

4. There are currently _____ executive departments. 10 15
18 25

5. The most powerful position in the White House Office is usually the _____. chief of staff press secretary
White House counsel attorney general

6. President _____ created the National Security Council. George W. Bush Bill Clinton
Dwight D. Eisenhower Harry Truman

7. The federal budget is _____. a five-year economic plan crafted by the president and the Office of Budget and Management an detailed economic plan drafted and implemented by Congress with no input from the president
a detailed outline of the government's expected income and expenses that guides the congressional appropriations process a rough outline of the nation's expected income for the upcoming fiscal year

8. The executive branch of the federal government employs approximately _____ people. 300,000 one million
2.6 million 10 million

9. The _____ serves as a liaison between the president and Congress. chief of staff Office of Presidential Correspondence
White House Communications Director Legislative Affairs Office

10. The Central Intelligence Agency is an example of _____. an independent executive agency an independent council
a regulatory commission a government corporation

11. Which president consulted with a group of experts known as the "Brain Trust"? Franklin Roosevelt James Buchanan
Calvin Coolidge Rutherford B. Hayes

12. Which president virtually ignored his Cabinet, preferring to consult with a group of cronies known as his "kitchen cabinet"? William Howard Taft Grover Cleveland
William McKinley Andrew Jackson

13. Which is NOT a responsibility of the State Department? To design U.S. foreign policy To declare war
To administer all U.S. embassies To administer U.S. consulates

14. Which is NOT a responsibility of the Department of Labor? To prosecute employers who violate anti-discrimination laws To enforce minimum wage legislation
The regulations of labor unions To administer unemployment insurance

15. Which former vice president called the position of vice president, "the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived"? Spiro Agnew Martin Van Buren
Al Gore John Adams

16. Which cabinet position was not one of the original four? Secretary of state Secretary of agriculture
Secretary of war Secretary of the treasury

17. Which is NOT a responsibility of the Department of Defense? The management and coordination of different military branches To issue official declarations of war
To provide civilian oversight of the U.S. military The defense of U.S. national security

18. Which is NOT a responsibility of the Department of Agriculture? The opening of foreign markets to U.S. agricultural products To oversee federal anti-hunger programs
The designation of lands for private and public use Support for farmers with agricultural research

19. Which is NOT a responsibility of the Department of Energy? To formulate national energy policy To research and develop nuclear and energy technology
To regulate the distribution of electricity and natural gas To oversee the construction of national highways

20. Which is NOT a responsibility of the Department of Health and Human Services? To coordinate federal subsidized housing programs To oversee medical and social service research
The supervision of Medicare The management of public health programs

21. Which is NOT a responsibility of the Department of Justice? To represent the government in legal matters To supervise the enforcement of federal law
To oversee multiple law enforcement agencies To elect the attorney general

22. Which is NOT a responsibility of the Department of Housing and Urban Development? The coordination of federal housing programs To provide support for community development
To promote access to affordable housing To prosecute landlords who participate in housing discrimination

23. Which is not a subunit of the Department of Health and Human Services? The Food and Drug Administration The Bureau of Indian Affairs
The National Institutes of Health The Centers for Disease Control

24. Which statement about the relationship between the president and the Cabinet is false? Because the president is so busy, members of the Cabinet often have a good deal of leeway in the running of their departments. Not all executive departments are subject to presidential authority.
The relationship between the president and the Cabinet varies from administration to administration. Presidents accomplishes nearly all that they do through members of the Cabinet and the executive departments.

25. Which is NOT a responsibility of the Department of the Interior? The management of public lands To oversee federal relations with Native American tribes
To regulate the purchase of private and public property The management of public resources

26. Which is NOT a responsibility of the Department of the Treasury? To set the value of the dollar To design federal finance policy
To design federal taxation policy The management of the federal debt

27. Approximately how many government employees are appointed by the president? 25 350
750 7,500

28. Which statement about the relationship between the judiciary and the federal bureaucracy is false? The federal bureaucracy is subject to the authority of the judicial branch. If a court finds fault with government action, it can issue an injunction.
The United States government is involved with more than three-quarters of the cases brought before federal court. The courts have the authority to issue an order that prohibits the government from following a specific course of action.

29. What percentage of federal employees is covered by United States Civil Service? 45% 60%
85% 98%

30. Which statement most accurately describes the Gross Domestic Product? The total value of national exports in a given year The total value of all goods and services produced in a nation in one year
The total value of all goods and services produced in a nation in a given year, minus the cost of imports The total value of exports minus the cost of imports

31. Which is the most recently added member of the president's Cabinet? The Secretary of Homeland Security The Secretary of Veterans Affairs
The Secretary of Transportation The Secretary of Energy

32. Who was not a member of the original Cabinet? Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton
Henry Knox John Adams

33. What was the spoils system and what was its purpose?

34. What were the drawbacks of the spoils system?

35. What about the relationship between the president and vice president has changed since the earliest days of the United States government?

36. What is the difference between the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense?

37. Why is it fitting that FDR formed the EOP?

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  1. I've deleted your dozen or so other posts because of the following reasons:

    1. There's no chance that anyone is going to answer them for you.
    2. They look like all of the questions for an entire course.
    3. You made no attempt to answer any of these questions.
    4. Jiskha is a homework help site. We are not a cheat site.

  2. ha!

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  3. posting only the problems doesnt help anymore with us gettin smarter. This website will get shut down eventually because of the way it changed.

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  4. Give me some damn answers -_-

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  5. well screw you guys, i am going home!

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  6. WHat happend to no child left behind?

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  7. studyblue/notes/note/n/deck/6923132

    i used this site to find those answers they are all there :)

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  8. add the w w w and . com to studyblue

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  9. thanks cheeko these peeps aint gonna help us

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