Ln (2x^2-3x)^4 how to solve it. I did the steps but none of my answers are the choices

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  1. Solve it?

    You mean what is the deriviative?

    y=ln( u)
    dy/dx=1/u * du/dx

    so if u=(2x^2-3x)^4, then

    du = 4( )^3 * (4x-3)

    dy/dx=1/( )^4 * 4( )^3 * (4x-3)
    =1/( ) * 4(4x-3)

  2. But when I do it none of the answers are right

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  3. Really? According to whom?

  4. Did You mean: [ln(2x^2-3x)]^4



    Go to:

    wolframalpha dot com

    When page be open in rectangle type your function and click option =

    After few seconds you will see all about your function.

    Then click option Derivative:Show steps.

    When you see steps you click on down left angle in Derivative field and you can save solution as image.

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