Alright, I am also reading Anne Frank, but I'm having trouble with the question about how Anne used humor to relieve the anxiety and boredom of living in the hiding?

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  1. #1. Find two or three places in her diary where you found her being humorous.

    #2. Quote each place and then explain why you think she wrote these sections.

  2. "I hear that Anne is just a silly little goat who doesnt know anything at all and imagines that shes learned a wonderful lot from books"
    This is found on page 46 and I think she wrote this section because she gets tired of people telling her she is too young and is just making her statement in a kind of humorous way because it is using a metaphor to say that Anne is a goat, although she really isn't.

    "This is where I start and finish, because Kitty is always patient."
    This is also found on page 46 and this is showing humour by using personification; Her diary can't really be patient, because it is non-living thing. She also named her diary.. which is humorous, because, what's the point of naming a diary if it isn't alive?

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