History-Civil War

1865: Marching through Georgia
In terms of supply, how was Sherman"s march different than other Civil War campaigns?
What I found was..Sherman telegraphed President
Lincoln, asking him as a gift to Savannah, he would need 150 guns along with plenty of ammunition...also
found that he took from their lands???????

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  1. http://militaryhistory.about.com/od/civilwar/p/marchtosea.htm

    You didn't look very hard. Sherman was a War Criminal, as was Grant who approved his campaign.

  2. I already was on that site you gave me...no..I'm looking tooo hard, it could be right under my nose and I don't even know it. I look up for HRS. I have a hard time absorbing this subject..I always did. Thank You for your time anyway.

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