6th grade math

As baseball fans enter the stadium, a free ball is given to every 21st spectator and a cap is given to every 27th spectator. Which spectator would be the first to receive both a ball and a cap?

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  1. 21, 42, 63, 84, 105, 126, 147 . . .
    Keep adding 21 to the previous number

    27, 54, 81, 108, 135, 162 . . .
    Keep adding 27 to the previous answer.

    Stop when multiple of 21 and a multiple of 27 are the same.

  2. Thank you Ms. Sue. That was a very helpful tip.

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  3. You're welcome, Mbaintu.

  4. how do you round the number 128 to the nearest tenths place

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  5. do you mean tens. there is no decimal point for it to be tenths.

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  6. Ms. Sue, is the correct answer the 189th spectator?

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  7. on a map an inch represents 200 miles how far is 3 1/4 inches?

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  8. do 200*3.25 and that should probably give you the correct answer, which is 650.

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  9. how many miles are in 12 inches ms.soe

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