I urgently need you to chech the question and the answer to it. I considered your corrections.

1) Explain the meaning of the word compromise applied to the Victorian way of life. (Explain how the word compromise applied to the Victorian way of life). Then outline briefly the main features of Victorian society.

2) The word compromise was applied to the Victorian way of life since this period combined moral certainties with contradictions and doubts, especially about religion, and the relationship between science and belief.
3) On one hand, the Victorians promoted a code of moral values founded on religious and philosophical movements such as evangelicalism and utilitarianism.
4)This strict moral code, which was refined by the upper and middle classes, was based on personal duty, hard work, respectability, and charity.
5)In particular, respectability was thought of as a mixture of hypocrisy and morality. It implied the possession of good manners, the ownership of a comfortable house, regular attendance at church, and charitable activity.
6)On the other hand, a new view emerged that the universe was constantly changing and governed by the laws of chance.
7) Moral and religious certainties were deeply shaken by Charles Darwin, who in his work On the Origin of Species(1859) argued that the man is (was?) the result of a process of evolution and that in the fight for life only the strongest species survived.

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  1. Read what I wrote here and let me know if you still have questions.


  2. 1. Some of the following links may or may not explain this:


    I can give you today's definition: in a dispute both sides must make concessions. Synonyms = agree, settle

    My own personal definition: neither side is happy!

    7) IS = because it's still ungoing.

    The grammar looks good.


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