A last doubt. Which of the following sentences is best formulated? Which are grammatically wrong? Could you check the last 2 points, too?

1) The flowers are presented not as statically as in a painting, but as alive with motion.
2) The flowers are presented not statically as in a painting, but alive with motion.
3) The flowers are presented not statically like in a painting, but as alive with motion.
4) The flowers are presented not as static as in a paintig, but as alive with motion.
5) When was the Irish Parliament abolished and bought under direct British Rule? What happened on Easter Monday 1916?
6) What event marked the beginning of Irish Independence? What does IRA stand for, when was it formed and what did it protest again?
7) When did George Best's carreer as a footballer really start? What kind of education did he receive?

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  1. #2 is best -- discard 1, 3, and 4.

    5. comma after "Monday"

    6. comma after "formed" and remove "again" which doesn't make sense here.

    7. career <~~sp

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