19. A high school soccer team has two goalies. Goalie A makes the save 80% of the time. Goalie B makes the save 75% of the time. If goalie A plays 35 of the games and goalie B plays 25 of the games then:
a) Determine the probability that a save has been made by either goalie A or goalie B.

b) If a save has been made, what is the probability that is was goalie A?

c) If a goal was let in, what is the probability it was goalie B?

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  1. (a) (35/60)*0.8 + (25/60)*0.75 = 0.779

    (b) Assume N shots on goal per game, and 60 total games. Probability of save by A
    = (0.8)*N*35/[0.8*N*35 + 0.75*N*25]
    = 28/(28 + 18.75) = 0.599

    (c) Your turn

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