If motivation consist only of drive-reduction, what is the perfect state of a human being?
a. Competitive,hard driving
b. Not hungry or thirsty,no pain,absence of fear
c. Constant change,always reestablish homeostasis
d. Gradual movement from primary to secondary drives.

Firstly I thought the answer is c.,but after reading some more information besides my textbook,I start thinking about b.
I'm in complete confusion.Maybe I just do not understand the question:(
Thanks for any help!

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  1. You might see if any of the following sites would have information for you:


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  2. P.S. I would have said B because under that theory a person derives pleasure from reducing tension. If that person would hungry, he/she would eat and then be happy. So to me if he/she would not have to DO any of that, it would be a perfect state.


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  3. Thanks for your suggestion, and especially for the link!I think that it's not the last question about motivation,so I want to understand this theme.

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  4. What bothers me about this question is a "perfect state of a human being." Is a perfect state when all needs are satisfied and we become a bump on a log? Does your text address this question?

  5. Exactly words "perfect state" made me confused..

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  6. Here is what the Encyclopedia of Psychology said:

    And that is the definition I used when I decided B was MY choice!


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