Health Psychology

I want to make it clear that I do not want any answers to the project I am about to post on here. I only need help understanding it a little. I am trying to get online to speak with my professor but our school site is down at the moment.
I think I know what I am doing, I just need to make sure I am doing it correctly. Again, I don't want any answers on this project, only help understanding what I am doing. Thank you.

roject: Health Psychology Committee Report

Due Sunday June 26th to your eCampus Assignment forum-No late finals will be accepted!
Imagine a health care reform plan that mandates increased access to services you studied in this course. The goal is better overall patient health, measurable by shorter hospitalizations and improved adherence to medical regimens. You have volunteered to join the Health Psychology Committee formed by your local hospital, which is in the process of initiating a psychiatry division that will employ five psychologists. The committee is responsible for assigning duties to the psychologists. Use critical thinking skills as you decide how to apply health psychology principles to hospital-based psychologists’ duties.
· Specify duties for five hospital-associated psychologists that reflect health psychology principles discussed in this course, according to the following guidelines.
· Conduct research by consulting a variety of sources, and gather evidence to support your decisions. Remember to suspend judgment while inquiring into multiple aspects of each of the five roles. Use your text, previous assignments, major research hospital Web sites, and the University Library. Cite a minimum of five references, including your text.
· Assign one or more of the items in the bulleted duty list below to each of these four job titles: substance abuse counselor; inpatient-only psychologist; child psychologist; adult psychologist:
Duty list:
o Collaborate with local schools
o Provide psychological preparation methods for children prior to medical procedures
o Provide treatment for chronic pain
o Provide psychological preparation methods for adults prior to medical procedures and surgery
o Coordinate the use of recovery programs and structured programs for substance abuse, in conjunction with social worker
o Diagnose stress disorders and aid in stress-relief interventions
o Utilize various methods to facilitate adjustment and coping skills with patients suffering a chronic or terminal illness
If you feel one or more of the duties could be assigned to more than one of the four job titles, feel free to do so but keep a reasonable work and patient load in mind.
· Evaluate the list above for areas of need not already addressed. Recommend a fifth job title and assign other health psychology-related duties not listed or related to those above.
· Identify decision-making criteria and explain rationale behind your assignment of duties to each of the five job titles.
· Discuss and give further details on how each of the five psychologists will contribute to improvement in overall patient health. What kinds of responsibilities and services would each of the five psychologists provide for patients? How will each of their roles result in shorter hospitalizations and improved adherence to medical regimens? Is there overlap in any or all of the five job titles? Should there be? Why or why not?
· Consider and discuss the impact of implementing each role versus not implementing it. What makes each role supportive toward improvement and maintenance of wellness? Why would patients be better off with the psychologists’ services after doing without in the past?

My Question:

1. I believe I am writing a paper about a division of a hospital with 5 different psychologists specializing in 5 different areas with different roles. Is this correct?

2. I am writing this as a presentation for the new division to present to the psychology committee. Is this correct?

I'm pretty sure I have it down...I just like to double check, I get to running circles and start to confuse myself and I am usually able to talk with my instructor, but as I said before our site is down. Thank you for your time.

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  1. That looks right to me.

    You're to distribute the 8 different jobs among the 4 different specialists.

  2. Ok, thank you. I believe I also need to add one more psychologist to the list, making it 5 different psychologists, but I was under the impression I only had to assign 1 job to each. Thank you for clearing this up for me. This helps so much to get a second out look. :)

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  3. You're welcome.

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