AP World History Please help

What social structure did Confucianism imply? What were the key social classes, and how did they differ?

Why did Confucianism have such a deep impact on Chinese and East Asian history? What groups and institutions could benefit from it?

What does the document tell us about early Chinese society? Discuss the POV of the document.

Can somebody please help me with these questions i don't want full answers just help :)

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  1. I suggest that you tackle these on your own after you have thoroughly studied your text.

    If you have any specific questions, please post them.

  2. alright :)

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  3. Alright I just need help with this one
    What social structure did Confucianism imply? What were the key social classes, and how did they differ?

    What kind of social classes are they talking about political or religious??

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  4. These are social classes -- upper, middle, lower -- or perhaps ruling, military, etc.


  5. This webpage is particularly good:

    Social classes, not religious. You could read about and compare the caste system that developed in India and you'd find similar strata -- depending on what a family has done for generations (that is, what the traditional occupation is in a family).

    I've been researching one particular branch of my family tree, and I'm finding the same thing in 1700s and 1800s Germany -- if the father was a carpenter, the sons became carpenters, and so did their sons.

  6. Russian war

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  7. Please help me.

    Under which ruler was religious tolerance and Hindu-Muslim intermarriage was allowed?

    Which social group is going to rise to prominence because of trade with the new world?

    How did exploration of the new world transition from conquest to settlement in the new world?

    Which was the first European power to establish large scale slave-trading operations?

    What were some of the effects of the English Civil War and the Bill of Rights?

    What were different Protestant religions started and who were they founders?

    Compare and contras the Ming dynasty to the Qing dynasty.

    Please help my head hurts :(

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  8. Confucius implied that the village elders and gentlemen are the most respected and the highest class while the common man is the lowest class.

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