Can you check the word choice in the following sentences? Thank you.

1) Briefly outline the main values on which Victorian society was based, Refer then to the role of women and the vision (I need a synonym) of the family.
2) Analyse (or outline)the main values on which Victorian society was based referring to the social classes who refined them.
3)Women were in charge of the education of the children and the managing of the house.
Single women with a child were ostracised and emarginated as fallen women.
4) Briefly outline the relationship between man and nature. Provide examples from the authors whose works we studied/read (have read?) in class.

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  1. 1. Period is needed after "based." Not a comma! The word "refer" is not correct for this type of command. What do you want someone to do: describe, explain, state and explain, what? Instead of "vision," you could use "view"?

    2. Analyse and outline are two different things. Which do you want?

    3. Wordy and awkward. Try this: Women were in charge of the children's education the the management of the house. Single women with children were ostracised and marginalised as fallen women. [Unless they were widows, of course!]

    4. "have read" is better. The rest is fine.

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