Identify and circle the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected.
1.Rita enjoyed to be(A) able to meet(B) several(C) members of Congress during her vacation(D).
2.Several delegates(A) flew from England to greeting(B) the ambassador(C) and his family before the concert(D).
3.The weather(A) has never(B) been as worse(C) as it's(D) now.
4.There are(A) ten childs(B) playing in the yard near her house,but your child(C) is not among them.
5.It was him(A) who(B) came running into the classroom(C) with the news(D).

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  1. Here are the corrected sentences. Please read them aloud several times, so you start to HEAR the correct phrasing.

    1.Rita enjoyed being able to meet several members of Congress during her vacation.
    A participle (-ing verb form) is needed after the main verb "enjoyed."

    2.Several delegates flew from England to greet the ambassador and his family before the concert.
    The infinitive is made up of "to" and the basic form of the verb (without any endings).

    3.The weather has never been as bad as it is now.
    "worse" is used only when making a comparison between two things, and not with the "as... as" construction.

    4.There are ten children playing in the yard near her house, but your child is not among them.
    The plural of "child" is "children."

    5.It was he who came running into the classroom with the news.
    The subject form (nominative) of the pronoun is needed after the verb "was."

  2. May I suggest, to clarify what you are saying, that you follow the format:
    1. the sentence without the choices
    A. that choice
    B. that choice
    C. that choice
    D. that choice

    The way you have written is SO confusing because apparently the letter comes AFTER the choice? That is not the usual format.


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