1. The imperfect tense is used to
A)tell what one used to do
B)narrate the beginning or end of an action
C)narrate a series of actions
D)tell of a single occurrence

5.Papa _____ a casa a las seis. (venir)

7. Cuando tú _____ en Mexico, eras buen estudiante. (vivir)

8. What color of shoes (was he wearing)?
C)era llevando

15. When they (arrived), we (were) making cookies. (llegar, hacer)
A)llegaban, hicimos
B)llegaron, hacíamos
C)llegaba, hacíamos
D)llegarán, hacían

1) A
5) C
7) D
8) B
15) B

Am I correct? Thanks.

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  1. 5) A
    7) D
    8) B
    15) B

    Sorry don't know 1)

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  2. 1. IS A. The other 3 are all the Preterit.
    5. IS A. This is the Preterit for one action at a specific time.
    7. D
    8. B
    15. B


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