provide explanation for human variation around the globe why we look and act differently from one another and what factors contribute it

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  1. Use Darwin's four principles.

    1. Variation. Organisms (i.e. human population) exhibit individual variation in appearance and behaviour. These variations may involve body size, hair color, facial markings, voice properties, or number of offspring. On the other hand, some traits show little to no variation among individuals, for example all humans have two eyes.

    2. Inheritance. Some traits are consistently passed on from parent to offspring. Such traits are heritable, other traits are strongly influenced by environmental conditions and show weak heritability.

    3. High rate of population growth. Most populations have more offspring each year than local resources can support leading to a struggle for existence. Each generation experiences substantial mortality. How might htis have affected human populatiosn in the past?

    4. Differential survival and reproduction. Individuals possessing traits well suited for the struggle for local resources will survive more and reproduce more than others and thus contribute more offspring to the next generation.

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  2. Why the repeat post? Were the web sites provided in answer to the other post no good?

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