Could you please help me check these sentences? Thank you very much in advance.

1) The First World War, or the Great War as it used to be called, is rightly thought of as bringing cataclysmic changes in life, thought and social forms not only in Britain but in the whole of Europe.
2) Britain entered the First World War in 1914 by declaring war on Germany after the German invasion of Belgium. 3)At first, Britain, like most other belligerants, had expected the war to be over in six months. On the contrary, the war became a long trench war.
4) The German fleet which, in 1914, had suffered serious losses, tried to force the British blockade off Jutland. The losses were the same, but the English fleet remained in control of the sea.
5) From July to November 1917,the British attacked the Germans in Flanders but lost 400,000 men against the 250,000 men lost by the Germans. 6. The British occupied Gaza and Jerusalem in December 1917. The war ended with 10,000,000 lives los and 20,000,000 wounded men.
7. Peace was made at Versailles in 1919. Many British war poets expressed their thoughts about the stupidity of war in their poems.
8. Their message, especially that of Wilfred Owen, was hat war is an act against God and man. The effects of the First World War concerned party politics, the labour movement, the role of women and social policy, too.

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  1. Please read these yourself -- aloud would be best.

    Then re-post with the 4 or 5 you are REALLY questioning.

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