Given: BD is a diameter m 1 = 100°m BC = 30°
m 2 = ?degrees
Given: BD is a diameter m 1 = 100°m BC = 30°
m 3 = ? degrees

Given: BD is a diameter m 1 = 100°m BC = 30°
m 4 =? degrees

Given: BD is a diameterm 1 = 100°m BC = 30°
m AD = ?degrees

Given: BD is a diameter m 1 = 100°m BC = 30°
m CAB = ? degrees

Given: BD is a diameter m 1 = 100°m BC = 30°
m DAB = ? degrees

Given: BD is a diameter m 1 = 100°m BC = 30°
m ADB = ? degrees

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  1. I have no idea what BD and BC signify. I assume that m signifies meters and º indicates degrees, but it is unclear how they go together.

    If you want to designate exponents online, use "^", x^2 = x squared.

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