AP World History

Please give me resources (hopefully, straightforward ones) on the contact between groups of people occured and the nature of that contact, including the notation aboiut the impact of that contact on both parties:
-Developlment and Spread of Islamic Civilization
-Tang & Song Dynasty trading relationships
-Islamic and Hindu Kingdoms in India
-Development of kingdoms in western europe
-The Crusades
-Mongol Expansion
-Development and impact of trading kingdoms in Africa
-Development and expansion of aztec and inca socities...

In addition, the travels of:
marco polo
ibn battuta
zheng he
christopher columbus
vasco de gama

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asked by Marie
  1. I Googled: spread Islam and found these sites.



    Googling: Tang Song trade produced this site.


    I recommend that you Google two or three key words in each topic to find the websites that have the best information.

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