A sinusoidal wave in a rope is described by
the wave function
y = A sin(k x + ! t) ,
where A = 0.47 m, k = 1 m−1, ! = 26 Hz, x
and y are in meters, and t is in seconds.
26 Hz
ì = 3.8 g/m
18.8496 m
If the tension in the rope is provided by
an arrangement like the one illustrated above,
what is the value of the suspended mass? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . The rope
has a linear mass density of 3.8 g/m.

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  1. How can we answer this without some description of the rope mechanism.

  2. rope has length of 18.8496 with the oscilator on one end and the mass end hanging

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