HCP 220 (pharmaceutical calculations)

"If you were compiling a pharmaceutical calculation training manual to assist new pharmacy technicians, what two (2) best practices would you emphasize that you learned in this course? Explain your answer."(-assignment)

My question is:
I am just wondering if there is a set list of best practices that I am missing or am I supposed to make up two practices I think would be important that I learned in this course?

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  1. Because of the words "that you learned in this course" it would be what you learned. It is important to be sure the doctor's handwriting/abbreviations are read correctly. You might try some of the following links to see if there are any ideas there:



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  2. 1. A chemical crystal weighs 3.630 grams in air and 1.820 grams when immersed in an oil. If the specific gravity of the oil is 0.837, what is the specific gravity of the chemical?

    2. A piece of wax weighs 42.65 grams in air, and a sinker weighs 38.42 grams in water. Together they weigh 33.18 grams in water.Calculate the specific gravity of the wax.

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