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why did the anti-war protest hurt the united states during the Vietnam war?

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  1. I don't think the protests hurt the United States.

    What evidence do you have that they did?

  2. No wait i meant to put "helped"
    i wrote the question wrong! sorry


    && one thing i know is that the United States started to believe that we should have been fighting in the first place.

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  3. Do you mean that "we should NOT have been?" Please proofread your posts before you send them.

    The Vietnam protests express the will of many people -- a vital component of democracy.

  4. Yes i do mean we should NOT have been... && sorry i will proofread my posts.

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  5. K, one of the BIG problems in democracies is that their leaders tend to be foolish mimicing their constituents. One glaring example is Lyndon Johnson who was President during part of the Vietnam War. He greatly increased the number of Americans fighting there...assuming America would surely win against such a small seemngly insignificant people (the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong). Had Johnson taken the time to read a few library books about Vietnamese History, he would have discovered some amazing things. The Chinese Emperors used to send vast invading armies into Vietnam. Irregardless who was Emperor or who the Chinese General was, the Vietnamese would fight so well they would send the few surviving invaders running back to China again.

    Also General Giap a great North Vietnamese general solved a great engineering problem which led to the defeat of the French Army. His problem? How was he going to be able to get his big guns up to the top of certain hills that surrounded a fortified French City? His solution was to order hismen to take the chains off of bicycles and put them together to create metal pulleys. With those he hoisted the heavy guns up up up to the very top of the high hills and was able to defeat the French. Had Johnson read those books he would have realized that the Vietnamese had much more military abilities than a casual observer would have thought!

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